Beta Glucan Ovary Care

BG Ovary Care pill is a natural herbal supplement for women, provides support for female reproductive system and maintain overall health. It nourishes the blood circulation, relieve menstrual pain, provide more energy and mental alertness to help you thrive throughout the day.


BG Ovary Care pill helps to boost the immune system and to promote more energy and mental alertness in women.


BG Ovary Care pill contains Mushroom Beta Glucan extract and many highly-specialized herbs ingredients.


BG Ovary Care pill Main functions:

- to regulate menstruation

- relieves menstrual discomfort

- relieves backache, joint pain and stomach cramps before/ during menstruation

- reduces vaginal discharge

- pre/post-natal care

- enhancement of general health for women after childbirth

- speedy recovery from serious illnesses

- improves skin complexion and skin radiance

- to treat dry skin

- regulate hormone imbalance

- maintain better health & youth


Recommended for women experiencing:


backache, vaginal discharge, joint pain, stomach cramps before/ during menstruation, menstrual disorder, after giving birth, suffer from a heavy period, other menstrual or gynaecological abnormalities, dry skin