What is Healing Crisis?

Healing Crisis refers to the outcome of a variety of adjustment responses of the body after taking certain nutritional supplements, functional foods and other similar health-enhancing products. One of the common reaction is mild diarrhea or constipation.


While not everybody will experience a healing crisis, however, having such experience is normal and not detrimental to health. It is merely a holistic response whereby the body is adapting to the intake of the nutritional supplements and adjusting the body’s functions to initiate the required healing process.


A healing crisis is a positive response and not to be perceived as a threat to the health condition of a person. It helps the body to “recalibrate” itself in order to balance the internal body functions and activate the body’s immune system.


The effect of the improved response varies according to the individual’s physical condition and underlying health condition. Some effects are very minimal and some are more significant. So there is no need to panic or fear. It is recommended to be taken continually for the body to initiate adaptation process until the reaction is completely eliminated.


For example, some people after drinking Chinese medicine will have mild diarrhea experience, which is the in most cases the process of removing the toxins from the body. Also a small number of people after consumption of wolf berry juice will have the symptoms of mild rashes. The effect is due to improvement of the body corresponding function. This temporary reaction will eventually disappear as the body adapts to the intake of this new food compound.


The following are some of the common physical symptoms one might experience as part of Healing Crisis:

  • skin rashes or skin itch
  • mild diarrhea or constipation
  • dizziness, headache
  • rapid heartbeat
  • poor sleep quality or want to sleep
  • some body parts soreness
  • dry mouth, exhaust, sweat, etc.
  • blood pressure changes
  • reduced appetite.


The Symptoms: Frequency of Occurrence


The healing crisis symptoms are temporary and do not occur in everyone. In fact, it happens once in the initial stage of consuming specific traditional Chinese medicine or health products; as the body adapts to the presence of new active compounds that help in the body’s healing process.


In summary:

1) The healing crisis symptoms may occur in some individuals only depending on their body’s biological make-up.


2) Some individuals may experience healing crisis for 3 to 10 days; or for some individuals it may prolong to 2 to 3 months.


3) A small number of individuals may experience healing crisis about 30 minutes after consuming specific traditional Chinese medicine or health products


4) Continuous consumption of these products as per recommended dosage may help eliminate the healing crisis as the body adapts to help replenish and nourish the body with its daily required nutrients.


Duration of Symptoms


1) If healing crisis generally last about 2 to 5 days, it may be a reflection of a well-functioning body with minor illness.


2) A strong healing crisis which last about 7 to 30 days or more, may be a reflection of a weak bodily function and relatively serious physical condition.


The Difference between Symptoms of a Healing Crisis and Side Effects


The main difference between the symptoms of a healing crisis and side effects is that the healing crisis is a positive adaptation of the body in reaction to an intake of a medicine or a health product ; while side effects is a negative reaction of the body to eliminate the intake of the said medicine or health product.

A healing crisis symptoms may seem to appear like symptoms of illness, but it is a clear signal of physical improvement as the body goes through an adaptation process. However, the symptoms of a side effect typically refer to the undesirable effect of a medicine or a health product.