Benefits of Mushroom Beta Glucan to the Skin

Medicinal Mushroom has primarily been focusing on health problem related issues. However, beta glucan, which derived from medicinal mushrooms, has a number of skin care & beauty related benefits.

Not surprisingly, researchers are looking for other effective applications for this promising immune-stimulating natural ingredient. As it turns out, Mushroom Beta Glucan containing products can provide incredible benefits to the skin.

Macrophages are present in all the organs of our body, including blood, liver, nervous system tissues, and skin. We used to think of our skin as merely an outer shield. Actually, our skin is the largest immune system organ of the human body.

The outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis. It contains up to five percent of the body's macrophages, known as Langerhans cells. Each of these macrophages in the epidermis has a body and long-reaching extensions. Because of these extensions, Langerhans cells literally form a fishnet within the upper layer of the skin, reaching most of the skin's cells.

The role of the Langerhans cells is extremely important. They carry out defensive and regulating functions within the skin. As with any macrophage, Langerhans cells are initially manufactured in the bone marrow. When they move from the bone marrow to the epidermis, they support the integrity of the skin. The skin is constantly repairing itself. Its macrophages are responsible for cleaning and restoring damaged areas. As we age, the immune system's ability to respond to new challenges declines. The skin becomes less able to heal itself and cope with infection.

Most clinical studies done on the topical uses of Mushroom Beta Glucan especially for wound healing and reducing aging, lines and wrinkles in the skin, increase skin elasticity. Mushroom Beta Glucan can helps in strengthen the immune system of the skin, counteract wrinkling and can be used to prevent scaling and psoriasis.

There are many successful international corporation launch Mushroom Beta Glucan products and claim that Mushroom Beta Glucan can helps in increase the cellular viability of epidermal cells, and that is decreases the production of inflammatory mediators, as well as protecting the skin from the adverse effects of UV radiation.

Studies are published in the trade journal Cosmetics and Toiletries that Mushroom Beta Glucan helps in repair of skin from environmental damage from UV radiation, pollution, smoke, bacteria and free radicals.


Mushroom Beta glucan is very appreciated in skin care

The skin is the body's largest organ, occupying approximately 15 % of your total body weight. The skin protects the body from injury and bacteria.

Beta glucan, which specially extracted from mushrooms, has a number of benefits for the skin.

Mushroom Beta Glucan helps protect aging skin from immune dysfunction, and aids in overall dermatological health and wound healing. Several studies have shown that the use of a beta glucan in cream can help hydrate the skin, improve firmness, skin color, and elasticity; while also helping to diminish lines and wrinkles.

The skin also has immune cells. The problem in our modern world, is that so many things tend to destroy, damage or weaken these immune cells. The "Langerhans' cells in the skin become damaged over time. The most frequent environmental destroying factors are the sun's ultraviolet rays, chemicals in make up and cleansers, soaps and cosmetics as well as chlorine in water. This damage creates wrinkles and causes the skin to look dull and grainy. "Langerhans" cells fight foreign intruders and release substances, such as epidermal growth factor, that encourage skin renewal and healing.

Mushroom Beta glucan used in creams helps stimulate these cells to become functional again, bringing back healthier, younger-looking skin.

In addition, Mushroom beta glucan may stimulates natural collagen production, which is essential for keeping skin firm and strong. As we age, the amount of our natural collagen production goes down. While most health web sites promote exclusively beta glucan based skin care products, some suggest that by eating beta glucan supplements, such as medicinal mushroom supplements, may help you retain youthful appearance. Some people claim that applying mushroom extract directly to the skin may be very beneficial.

Beta Glucan Miracle: Wrinkles… Reduce! Dermatitis… Improved! Eczema… Relieved!

In clinical trials where Mushroom Beta Glucan cream was used once or twice a day for up to four weeks, 100% of patients with dermatitis found the cream very effective or effective. The same results were reached with Mushroom Beta Glucan enhanced body lotions. Almost as remarkably, 94% of people with eczema found Mushroom Beta Glucan cream either most effective or very effective, and only 6% experienced no health benefits.

But what if you just want to look younger? What if you want to get rid of wrinkles? Other benefits in the clinical evaluation included improved elasticity and hydration, as well as reduced amount of wrinkles in the skin area treated with Mushroom Beta Glucan fortified creams.

Mechanism of Mushroom Beta Glucan on Skincare Application:

Past Studies related to wound recovery have mainly focused on macrophages by beta glucan. A 1997 in-vivo study conducted by Portera et al. revealed that after adding water soluble mushroom beta glucan phosphate into the wounds at the back and intestine of post-surgical rats, not only did the elasticity of the tissues around the surgical region increases, but the surrounding collagen proteins were also stimulated into greater production. Therefore, it was then hypothesized that water soluble mushroom beta glucan can trigger macrophages to indirectly increase the regeneration of collagen protein production, in turn improving the outcome of skin rejuvenation.

The hypothesis was further validated by years of studies, confirming that upon stimulation of fibroblasts by beta-D-glucan, the immune response around the testing tissues can be fortified via the activation of NF-kB signal pathway and NF-1 secondary messenger cascade. Similarly, such mechanism stimulates the production of many cytokine and pro-collagen gene expression, resulting in the synthesis of collagen, in turns improving outcomes of skin rejuvenation.

Why do we need the help of beta glucan for skin health and beauty?

In our modern world, is that so many things tend to destroy damage or weaken the Langer-Hans cells. Ultraviolet light from excessive exposure to sunlight, chlorine in the water in which we bathe, toxic chemicals in the environment, – these all have a negative effect on the immune cells. In addition, some bacteria and viruses are able to suppress the Immune System preventing the mounting of an adequate defense.

The first line of defense of our body is the skin. Since the skin is always exposed to the elements, it is endowed with remarkable defensive properties, and contributed to what we now consider the “normal” appearance of aging.

Physically, after the age of twenty-one, your body’s immune system slowly stops releasing an important hormone, known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The reduction of HGH is directly responsible for many of the common signs of growing old, such as wrinkles, and grainy-looking skin appears. That is why it’s extremely difficult to maintain a healthy skin today without giving it a little help.

How do we know the power of beta glucan for skin health and beauty?

In a recent study, 150 women, ages 35 to 60, were given a cosmetic regimen of which containing Mushroom Beta glucan was a major part. The effects on the signs of aging in the skin were evaluated. Compared with the control group, the improvement in skin textures are summarized as below. These are dramatic results compared with most cosmetic skin care preparations.

· 27% in skin hydration after two weeks of using the regimen twice a day;
· 47% in lines and wrinkles;
· 60% in firmness and elasticity;
· 26% in skin color;
· 34% in the rates of skin renewal.

It’s relatively easy from there to understand how supporting immune cells in the skin can lead to healthier skin, enhanced wound healing and reduce the appearance of aging.


Mushroom Beta-Glucan make your scars invisible

Numerous research studies in the past have shown how effective Mushroom Beta Glucan are at stimulating the wound healing process and eliminating scars that are associated with acne and other skin conditions as well as minor surgical procedures. It has also been shown that they are effective at preventing or removing fine lines and wrinkles.

The fact that Mushroom Beta Glucan help to stimulate the immune system and trigger the wound healing process has led many individuals using Mushroom Beta Glucan skin applications to heal their acne or surgical scars. Noticeable improvements in fine lines, moisture levels, scarring, and wrinkles were noticed within 10 days to 2 weeks when using these topical applications in a University of Alberta research study that was conducted in 1980. Furthermore, additional Mushroom Beta Glucan studies showed how roughness and wrinkles were reduced up to 15%.

Currently, there are a lot of research study results that show supportive evidence regarding the effectiveness of topical solutions containing Mushroom Beta Glucan on the scar and wound healing process. Additionally, there are certain growth factors that are stimulated by Mushroom Beta Glucan molecules as they penetrate the top three layers of your skin which also benefit the wound healing process. By stimulating the production of collagen, scars are eventually filled in or smoothed out.


Mushroom Beta-Glucan the Best kept Anti-Aging Secret

The use of Mushroom Beta Glucan has long been touted due to the many benefits that these powerful polysaccharides provide were beauty and nutrition are concerned. The results of many research studies have shown that Mushroom Beta Glucan have the ability to adjust or alter the immune system by stimulating the activities of certain white blood cells or macrophages.

In so doing, these versatile immune cells are able to ingest and destroy pathogens that invade your body. As a result of their actions, other immune cells are stimulated and start attacking those same pathogens. These powerful white blood cells secrete chemicals known as cytokines which create communication pathways between the macrophages. Mushroom Beta Glucan stimulate some highly lethal white blood cells to attach themselves to tumors and viruses in order to release chemicals into them that will destroy them.

Mushroom Beta Glucan are also useful as anti-oxidants and are effective at reducing the formation of free-radicals that damage the skin and hasten the aging process. Other studies have shown that they have anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant properties. Another interesting result of several studies proved that Mushroom Beta Glucan molecules could penetrate the skin’s upper layer when it was believed for years that they were too large to do so. Amazingly, Mushroom Beta Glucan molecules do not penetrate the actual skin cell body. They penetrate the lipid matrix that binds cells together.

As a result of their ability to penetrate the top three layers of the skin, Mushroom Beta Glucan creams are effective at promoting the healing process and reducing the scarring that results from acne and minor surgeries. Many cosmetics manufacturers are making topical creams containing beta-glucans derived from mushrooms. These creams have anti-irritant, moisturizing, and soothing qualities.

Mushroom Beta-Glucan Helping wounds heal faster

The powerful polysaccharides (complex sugars) from Mushroom Beta Glucan have been called nature’s super food or super healers because of their ability to heal atrophic or hypertrophic scars caused by acne and minor surgical procedures. Atrophic scars are those that sit below the skin’s surface while hypertrophic scars are elevated above it.

Mushroom Beta Glucan help to improve skin health and can help you achieve a younger looking appearance. Additionally, Mushroom Beta Glucan activate the Langerhans cells which are highly lethal white blood cells that are a critical component of your immune system. Langerhans cells are important where your overall health and skin appearance are concerned.

According to the National Cancer Institute, Mushroom Beta Glucan may also be beneficial in the fight against cancer as they bind themselves to certain types of tumors and stimulate the immune cells to attack them. Unfortunately, the aging process slows down Langerhans cell production so your body needs the natural assistance in this area that Mushroom Beta Glucan provide. Factors that tend to slow down the production of these cells include:

· contact with chemicals and environmental pollutants

· prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays

· wear and tear of the aging process.

By including Mushroom Beta Glucan in your diet or taking them in supplementary form, you can counteract the aging process and jump start the immune system in order to stimulate production of these very important white blood cells. Your skin will benefit from Mushroom Beta Glucan by looking healthier, smoother, and younger