Our Wellness Products : Made in Malaysia for the rest of the world !

Bioresis organic wellness products are made in Malaysia and are certified "Halal".

All Bioresis capsule-based products are made of vegetable source and are suitable for vegetarians.

Developed and manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant  modern plant.

The only mushroom –derived beta glucan product in extract form in South East Asia .


Immuno-E is Bioresis’ core immune-enhancing wellness product made from the proprietary Organic Beta-Matrix Complex™ formulation.

Health Benefits :

  • Promotes a healthy immune system.
  • Increases Natural Killer (NK) cell activity.
  • Nourishes the digestion system.
  • Supports normal blood sugar levels.
  • Protects against free radical damage.
  • Supports joint health.
  • Revitalizes the body.
  • V.I.P.5

    V.I.P.5 is a unique formulation which combines the proprietary Organic Beta-Matrix Complex ™ with the extract of Grifola frondosa (maitake mushroom) to provide vital internal protection for our vital organs in our body.

    Health Benefits :

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Helps in blood cleansing
  • Promotes liver health
  • Promotes kidney health
  • Helps in cholesterol reduction
  • F.G. Factor

    F.G. Factor is a formulation with the extract of Hericeum erinaceus ( Lion’s Mane mushroom) to help promote an overall feeling of good health by focusing on the nerve and digestive health.

    Health Benefits :

  • Stimulates Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)
  • Enhances cognitive (brain) function.
  • Improves memory.
  • Helps to slow down onset of dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Pro-M-bolic Plus

    Pro-M-bolic Plusis a proprietary metabolism-enhancing formulation based on the extract of Grifola frondosa (maitake mushroom). It is formulated to promote healthy rate of our body’s metabolic function to achieve optimal health.

    Health Benefits :

  • Helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar level
  • Helps to reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Bioresis Mushroom Beta Glucans 1.3 1.6 Liquid

    Bioresis Soap

    Mushroom Beta Glucans 1.3 1.6
    Bioresis Soap

    100% Organic Natural Ingredients

    Babies & Pregnant Mothers

    Pregnant Woman Body Silk

    Bioresis Mushroom Beta Glucan 1.3 1.6

    Pregnant Woman Body Silk

    Organic Natural Ingredients

    Woman Confinement Shower Gel

    Bioresis Mushroom Beta Glucans 1.3 1.6

    Woman Confinement Shower Gel

    Organic Natural Ingredients

    FUNDO Melange Organic



    Cooking Condiment
    Natural Ingredients

    Veggie Capsule

    Organic Greek Green Olives


    Organic Greek Green Olives

    Bioresis Body Silk


    Mushroom Beta Glucans 1.3 1.6

    Body Silk

    Organic Natural Ingredients

    Bioresis Conditioner


    Mushroom Beta Glucans 1.3 1.6


    Organic Natural Ingredients

    Bioresis Shampoo


    Mushroom Beta Glucans 1.3 1.6


    Organic Natural Ingredients

    Bioresis Night Cream


    Mushroom Beta Glucans 1.3 1.6

    Organic Night Cream


    Chamomile & rosemary
    Order Code – NS

    Function – Gentle Cleansing, Antibacterial, anti ageing, Complexion renewal, elasticity firmness, skin immunity.

    Skin Types – Normal skin

    Scent Type – Earthy, Medicinal

    Emotional Properties – Stimulating

    Mushroom beta 1,3 1,6, glucans, olive, palm, coconut oil, shea butter, purified water, lavender essential oil, multiflorum (fo ti) grape seed ,aloe extract, chamomile extract, blue chamomile essential oil, rosemary extract, glycerin, evening primrose, honey, vitamin E oil.

    Comfrey & Walnut
    Order Code - DS

    Function – Gentle Cleansing, Complexion Brightening, Hydration,antibacterial,anti ageing, increase skin immunity

    Skin Types – Dry skin

    Scent Type – Earthy, Floral

    Emotional Properties – Relaxing

    Mushroom beta glucans1,3, 1,6, olive, palm, coconut oil, shea butter, purified water, sweet almond, grape seed, rose petals, rose seranium, rose wax, castor, blue chamomile essential oil, comfrey extract, walnut, aloe extract, glycerin, honey, evening primrose, vitamin E oil.

    Bamboo & French red clay
    Order Code - OS

    Function – Detoxifying, Deep Cleansing, antibacterial brightening complextion,anti ageing

    Skin Types – Oily skin

    Scent Type – Earthy, Floral, Citrusy, Minty

    Emotional Properties – Soothing

    Mushroom beta Glucans1,3,1,6, olive oil, shea butter, shea butter, palm, coconut oil, purified water, bamboo charcoal, aloe extract, tea tree, camilla safflower, eucalyptus, french red clay, rosemary essential oil,glycerin evening primrose vitamin e oil, honey.

    Lavender & Sweet Almond
    Order Code - SS

    Function – gentle cleansing, mild exfoliation, skin soothing, damaged skin, skin renewal colour renewal, anti ageing.

    Skin Types – Sensitive Skin

    Mushroom beta Glucans 1,3,1,6, olive, palm coconut oil, shea butter, purified water, lavender essential, rose wax, chamomile extract, blue chamomile essential oil, aloe extract, licorice extract, sweet almond, comfrey rose oil,glycerin, evening primrose, honey, vitamin E oil, cedar wood, oak moss.

    Baby & Pregnant Mothers
    Order Code – BRBS

    Function – for babies and pregnant mothers

    A fragrance free, non irritating 55% blend of skin softening Shea Butter, Sweet Almond and Olive oils. Ideal for gently cleansing sensitive baby face, body and hair. Also perfect for newly pregnant mothers that may be sensitive to fragrance. 100% free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives or additives.

    Usage – rub soap between wet hands to create lather, Gently massage lather into baby’s face, body or hair as required. Rinse away soap with warm water and pat dry. Keep lather out of baby’s eyes.

    Key Ingredients & Properties

    Shea Butter – skin softening, moisture retaining

    Olive oil – skin protecting, moisturizing

    Sweet Almond oil – skin softening

    Mushroom beta glucans, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, fir needle, cedar wood, oak moss, clay sage, vetiver, french clay, honey, rosemary extract, oatmeal, sweet almond, castor, comfrey, walnut, aloe extract, vitamin C oil, evening primrose, lavender essential oil.