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France approves beta-glucan claim

By Shane Starling, 02-Jul-2008 Related topics: Carbohydrates and fibers (sugar, starches), Cereals and bakery preparations, Fruit, vegetable, nut ingredients A beta-glucan health cholesterol-lowering health claim has been approved in France, making it only the second disease reduction claim permitted in a country notorious for conservative food laws.

Beta-glucan blunts insulin response after eating, says study

By Stephen Daniells, 13-Dec-2006 Related topics: Research, Fibres and carbohydrates, Cardiovascular health, Diabetes Consuming foods containing beta-glucan could reduce the insulin and glucose response after a meal, thereby easing a risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, says a new study. The new study, funded by the Quaker Oats Company, focussed on 97 men and women with systolic and/or diastolic blood pressure of 130-179 mmHg and 85-109 mmHg, respectively. The average age of the subjects was 60 and the average BMI was 32.4 kg per sq. m.

DKSH to push PolyCell barley beta-glucan products to global market

06-Oct-2005 Related topics: Industry, Fibres and carbohydrates, Cardiovascular health, Diabetes Marketing group DKSH has gained distribution rights to the barley beta-glucan products developed by US firm PolyCell for use functional foods and supplements.

Natraceutical takes over high concentrate beta-glucan ingredient

By Alex McNally, 18-Sep-2007 Spanish biotech firm Natraceutical has entered the beta-glucan market with the acquisition of the high concentrate ingredient Viscofiber. The firm said yesterday it had acquired the concentrate from the Canadian company Cevena Bioproducts in a deal worth €2m. The group also acquired Cevena's patents, clinical analyses, clients and distribution contracts.

Danisco spies cardiovascular potential in beta-glucan buy

By Neil Merrett, 22-Oct-2008 Danisco, hungry to boost its presence in cardiovascular health, has taken a minority stake in a New Zealand-based manufacturer of what it claims is a high concentrate beta-glucan.